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VPS Bangkok Plans & Thai Dedicated Servers

Fast Thai Servers

Dedicated servers in Bangkok, backed by the modern Bangkok data center. Unlike many competitors for web hosting in Thailand, we are actually in country.

VPS Bangkok Hosting

The "VPS hosting in Thailand" plans are on low-occupancy servers in a Bangkok data center. Most VPS plans use fast SSD drives (customers can request HDD).


Pay for webhosting Thailand plans with PayPal, bank transfer, cards, and more.

Customer Support

Professional dedicated server Thailand experts are ready to help. Get the support support you need.

Dedicated server Thailand in a Bangkok data center

Full Server and VPS Hosting in Thailand on Bangkok Servers

Our focus is on providing Thai VPS hosting that is fast, reliable, and affordable. All Asia VPS hosting plans come with full root access and are on high-end Bangkok servers in a modern data center.

Our Thai web hosting starter plan prices are competitive, just check out our cheap VPS Bangkok server options, and during checkout there are plenty of upgrades for RAM, CPUs, storage (disk space), bandwidth transfer limits, 100mbps connection, backup storage, IP addresses and more. You’ll get a live quote before needing to pay anything.

Thai VPS Hosting – Host Locally for Express Loading Times

By choosing our SSD VPS solutions for your websites, you remove a lot of the stress of making things load quickly. Having a fast and local Thai server hosting is the first and biggest step towards making your website load quickly for your target market.

All plans will be on a highly optimized, low occupancy servers to provide premium level hosting to our customers. Our Thai servers are purposely kept at effective occupancy levels where performance is constantly monitored and adjusted.

Thai VPS Hosting in Bangkok
VPS server hosting Thailand

Experience Lightning-Fast Load Times with our Bangkok Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated server Bangkok and VPS hosting Thailand plans are designed to ensure your website is always up and running at blazing-fast speeds. Experience the difference with XXI Web Hosting.

Don’t let slow load times impact your website’s performance. With XXI Web Hosting’s Bangkok dedicated servers located in a Thailand data center, you can experience lightning-fast load times and ensure your website is always running at peak performance. Choose a hosting plan that works for you and take your online presence to the next level.

Thailand Hosting

Many Thai hosting providers suggest they have hosting options for Thailand, but are NOT actually in Thailand. Their companies are not based in Thailand and their servers are overseas (often in the USA or EU).

Our partner companies have been providing internationally managed hosting in Thailand for many years already. All Thailand hosting is through a registered Thai company that provides high speed servers in Bangkok. With years of experience and expertise, our services are a great choice for hosting in Thailand (or for nearby Asian countries).

Our web hosting Thailand options are specfically focused on VPS and dedicated servers, with an ever improving range.

Web Hosting Thailand

Thailand’s internet infrastructure has come a long way and now makes webhosting in Thailand an excellent option for businesses targeting Thai consumers, tourists, or any other AEC countries.

  • Servers in Thailand: Low latency, high availability and reliability
  • Closer to users: Geo location based architecture

We connect you to high-speed hosting for Thailand and beyond. It is our intention to give people and businesses access to reliable, secure, and high-speed Thai VPS hosting that is on servers physically located in Thailand. These physical servers and customer VPS setups, not cloud server Thailand plans (cloud VPS Thailand is in our longer-term plans for the future).

The Bangkok servers are located in two modern data centers in the heart of the city.

Having your SSH server Thailand as a nearby connection can mean faster local loading and access times … which can lead to more website visitors and customers. Just a small difference in loading times can mean gaining many extra visitors and customers.

The servers we list are managed by both Thai and International staff that have decades of experience behind them. We only partner with quality data centers and upstream providers that can offer the reliability that our customers deserve.

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