Why Quality Web Hosting Is Critical For SEO?

The main reason why people want to get a good web host is because they want to offer their customers a good website browsing experience. However, don’t forget the fact that quality hosting can be second to none, if you have the right approach and set of ideas in this situation. Hosting is almost as important as website design when it comes to SEO, and there are some values that will have a major impact on it.


The uptime does affect SEO quite a bit. If your website isn’t available almost all the time, it will have to suffer from an SEO standpoint. Obviously, that is not a good thing and you may want to address it as fast as possible. Try to opt for a hosting service that can help you maintain a low downtime, as that’s exactly what you want to focus on for sure.


Obviously, website speed has a direct impact on SEO. You can’t expect SEO to not be impacted by this. Once you have a website that loads extremely fast, people will come to you and search engines will like it as well. But if your website is extremely slow, you have to deal with some very bad results in the end. That on its own can be very frustrating and challenging for your website. This is why we recommend you to work on improving the website speed to the best of your capabilities.


If you have good website security, you will see that the results can be rewarding in the end. You have to keep that in mind, because search engines do focus on security quite a lot. Sure, there will always be security challenges, but as long as you offer the very best security, the experience can be very rewarding and you want to have that for sure.

IP location

Not a lot of people know this, but the IP location can have a direct implication on the overall results that you get from your SEO. Usually, you need to have a website hosting provider in the same country, if you don’t then you will most likely deal with a penalty due to that.

For general USA and ‘International Websites:

Hostgator Web Hosting

For Hosting in Asia

Web Hosting Singapore

Web Hosting Thailand

Web Hosting in Malaysia

(We do not endorse the above hosting companies, only provide them for your convenience. Hosting providers change and we can’t monitor their quality constantly. Individual research is recommended, you should make your own choice.)

There are many others, the above are based on English language customer support and reviews. Investigating further for your recommended country is advises.

SSL and HTTPS support

These are important security options. If you want to protect your customer’s data, you have to make sure that you integrate all these features as fast as possible. They are mandatory for any website and with the right approach, you can easily make the results pay off.

While there are challenges to be had along the way, you will see that these great ideas will help you boost your SEO. Remember, hosting is very important for SEO and you want to avoid that at all times. As long as you take your time and find the right approach, you will have no problem generating the best results in this situation. With the right approach and great web hosting results, the experience can be very well worth it!



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