Need a VPS or Dedicated Server in Thailand?


As websites develop, or for larger projects, there comes a need for more hosting power and more control over how the hosting is setup. The shared hosting we offer in Thailand cannot be customized in this way, simply because the needs of the many need to be considered and all customers given the best balance possible.


It is for this reason that VPSs and Dedicated Servers in Thailand are in demand. Although CDNs can offer speed gains and reduced resources on the servers, it is always best to have your server as physically close as possible to your target audience.


At this time, we don’t offer dedicated servers or VPSs directly, but instead suggest our visitors check out 21st-Thailand for more information and to see if this is a workable option for them.


For VPS servers, click here:

VPS Thailand



For Dedicated Servers, click here:

Dedicated Servers Thailand



All servers are physically located in Bangkok (at the time of writing) and so are an ideal option for anyone targeting the Thai market, or nearby demographics. Check them out, and if you need to see the full options, simply click the Order Now button (you don’t actually need to order the server, but can play with server options and see a live quote of your customization).


We hope your new project will be a success.



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