What is cPanel Hosting?

What is cPanel Hosting? - Image: cpanel website hosting

If you want to control a hosting account, manage it or even make some changes to the way it works, then you normally need to access the cPanel. This is the pivotal place where all the action happens. cPanel is an easy to use and effective user interface where you can access all the features offered by your hosting provider.

The cPanel is a dedicated panel where you can add in email accounts, where you can see bandwidth information and all the other stuff that might be interesting for you and your customers. One thing is certain, cPanel does a very good job at bringing you an amazing way to control your hosting experience.

If you need to modify anything that pertains to your hosting account, you normally have to do that via the cPanel. Many website hosting providers in Thailand and worldwide offer cPanel and that’s the reason why this is a pivotal tool that you need to work on right away.

At its core, the cPanel is a robust software. Thankfully, it makes the entire hosting experience a lot easier to modify and customize according to your needs. It features navigation icons as well as a dedicated help menu and all the information that you might need.

You will need to have a hosting account if you want to log into the cPanel for your domain and hosting. This is very important to keep in mind, because a lot of people just want to customize their hosting experience in any way they want. Many times, this can be a very challenging thing to do without a graphical user interface (such as a menu system). Thankfully, cPanel is designed to bring in front a stellar value and it also gives immediate access to some very important features.

First, you get to modify as well as create email accounts. If you run a website, this is the best way to create email accounts for you and the other users @yourdomain.tld. Another thing to keep in mind is that the cPanel enables you to configure domains. Maybe the best thing in this situation is that you can actually create as well as modify subdomains. This is a very important feature that you do need from this type of service. It is particularly useful when targeting different countries, or splitting areas of a website.

Secondly, you normally have instant and easy installation of various CMS. CMS means Content Management System, such as WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular systems for websites, and cPanel combines with Softaculous, make it possible for even a novice user to install WordPress and start setting up their website.

Moreover, with help from the cPanel you will be able to create FTP accounts. This means you get to modify files without a problem, not to mention that you can easily restrict access to them for various users and so on. There are plenty of things you can do via the cPanel, all you have to do is to open it.

Once you start using the cPanel, you will be very impressed with the unique value delivered here. There are plenty of great opportunities to be had here, it all comes down to you to make the right approach in this situation. Don’t rush, take your time and the outcome can be second to none. If all of this seems daunting, take a look at some of the many free cPanel guides.

So, you should consider using this system? Yes, most agree it is one of the best for easy management and great website results from the many easy CMS installations available.



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